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Alright–so how does Smartsurj work?

Set it up, and watch your profits increase.

Smartsurj predicts rates by keeping a keen eye on your rental market. If demand changes, automatic desurge and surge detection kicks-in to maximize your RevPar.

Link your PMS service.

Get simple click access to link your property management system using built-in plugins and APIs. We work with airbnb, VRBO, & other systems. 

House with Smartsurjed Property: On

Select your properties.

Once connected, login to the Smartsurj portal and activate Smartsurj for your properties. That’s it. 

Let us manage the surj.

Smartsurj understands your properties’ seasonality, neighborhood demand, and local events. Your optimal price is automatically posted for your potential guests, everyday. 

So what can Smartsurj do for me?

Make you money, lots of it–and quite a bit more.  Why don’t you get a demo, so we can show you how it works. We can demo the software, see the benefits of Smartsurj, and how it can change your business. It will only take 30 minutes.

Stop the Guessing

Activating Smartsurj provides access to our dynamic demand engine to optimize your price and occupancy rate.

Increase Your Profit

Smartsurj automates your pricing bringing you just in time rates to maximize your profit.

No Manual Effort

No need for time-consuming price adjustment for each property. Let Smartsurj do it and get monthly reports to see your performance.

Revolution coming soon.

Let’s connect. We’d like to show you Smartsurj, answer your questions, and understand how we can help your rental business. We just need :30 minutes.